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Start prevention from birth.

*Check for tongue and lip ties. You will know they exist if you have difficulty breastfeeding or your child has excess gas/colic/etc. 

*Do not let people kiss your child on the lips or share utensils. Gum disease and tooth decay is a bacterial infection. It is transmissible.

*Feed more solid foods at an early age to develop the jaws and muscles.

*Limit how often your child eats and drinks carbohydrates. Sticky foods and dried breads/cookies/crackers cause more harm. 

*Eliminate acidic/sugary drinks like juice and pop. There is no nutritional benefit.

*Start early habits of brushing and flossing. 

*Monitor for mouth breathing awake or asleep. This is a major sign of an early airway problem.

*Airway problems are important to diagnose early. They will impact your child's facial growth, sleep and behaviour.

*Have an early screening and education visit with the dentist

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We host KIDS DAYS.  We try to only see children these days. We make it fun with contests, balloons, etc to make their dental experience fun. 

Have your child grow up excited to go to the dentist, not afraid.

Dr. Burke is available the entire day to help answer your questions and discuss your concerns.

Call , Text or email to book your child!

Orthopedics and Orthotropics

Our goal is to diagnose your child at an early age.

We offer early treatment options to help develop your child's mouth while growing to facilitate growth, open airway, room for teeth to erupt naturally and to decrease the need for braces.

Our new ALF appliance allows physiologic adjustment for maximum room and cranial adjustment for maximum posture and brain support. Watch your child improve!

Lip and Tongue Ties

We have an Erbium Laser that can quickly remove your child's lip and tongue ties.

Healthy Start

We help your child get healthy and be the best they can be.

Control sleep disturbances, bed wetting, behavioural problems, learning problems, speech problems and more with our simple program!