Your mouth is the key to health

Heart and Stroke

A must read! Control your risk!

Learn how inflammation in your mouth contributes to heart attack and stroke.

We support the Bale Donneen method to prevent heart attack and stroke.

Sleep Apnea/Airway

Why are you suffering?
Get screened.

Let us help screen you for sleep apnea.

Health problems? 

Maybe you can't breathe.



Headaches can be related to airway , sleep and TMD. Ask us how we can help.

Oral Bacteria


We can screen for and DNA test your oral bacteria. 

Don't just stir the bugs! Reduce them!

They are linked to cancer, alzheimers, heart attack and more.



Clicking? Locking? Pain?

Reduce or eliminate these symptoms before more damage is done.

New technology is the key!

Tongue Tied?


It will affect:

Breastfeeding success


Facial formation

Jaw pain

Airway problems and more